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Desktop Recycle
When recycling, use tested methods to completely remove data.

Web Design
From the simplest & cheapest
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Computer Repairs
Quality IT support delivery for everyone.


Quality IT services for Barking & Dagenham

IT local support: Your on-call computer paramedic with fast response time. We are an independent technical support for computer repairs and desktop recycling. Supported technologies include Online shop cart integration.

We specialise in IT solutions and all computer repairs for individuals and small businesses. We support Laptops, PC’s and mobile devices (HTC, Blackberry, iPhone) , Apple products and Networks. Read more

PC & Laptop Repair Centre

> PC/Mac Repairs
> Laptop Screen Replacement
> Computer (motherboard repairs)
> Data Recovery/Backup
> Power connector Replacement
> Windows Re-installation
> Memory Upgrade (RAM)

IT local support services

> IT local support ServiceDesk
> IT local support HelpDesk
> IT local support Web services
> Pay & Go IT Support

Repairs Centre *If we can’t fix it no one can.

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